Ethical Hacking

Shaam-e-Awadh is one of Lucknow’s top notch restaurants, and it has become the obvious choice for quality-conscious individuals looking for exceptional service.

Domain: Hospitality Industry

Location: India

Services: Breach Assessment & Remediation,

Penetration Testing, Ransomware Protection

Core Approaches:

Evaluate how the hack has been done and weaknesses of the database security.

Built security walls for any ransomware attack.

Their Problem

  • Required An in-depth look at the application and attempted to fix configuration issues.
  • They wanted to acquire mitigation methods to secure their data from hackers in addition to test results.
  • They sought to imitate a hacker’s behavior in order to find flaws in the application

Our solution

Shaam-e-Awadh received a complete approach from Hacker’s Security, which included:

  • First-line difference mechanism for their huge customer-facing platforms.
  • Provided them with Web application & API security assessments;
  • Provided them with end to end penetration testing reports
  • Patch codes were used to patch vulnerabilities found in the current infrastructure.
  • Ethical hacking was carried out using a hacker’s mindset.
  • Secured their database with a multi-tier structure

Final Results

  • A multi-tiered secure layer aided in increasing innovation
  • Increased confidence in the use of digital assets on the internet.

In level of protection, the application has been upgraded.

Ethical Hacking Case Study - Hacker's Security

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