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Advanced Threat Protection

Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) Solutions from Hackers Security are created to safeguard an organization’s endpoints from complex and advanced threats. Our team of professionals uses Machine Learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) technology to do this. ATP technologies reduce the risk and potential effects of sophisticated attacks on an organization’s endpoints by putting more of an emphasis on threat prevention than threat detection and response.


Real-time visibility

 Reacting after the attack can be quite expensive in terms of both money and reputational harm so, real time visibility is important



Threat signals must give context for security teams to appropriately assess risks and manage responses.


Data awareness

Identifying risks that could hurt an organisation requires a thorough understanding of its corporate data

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Why Advanced Threat Protection Services?

Advanced threat protection solutions are designed to proactively spot threats that are trying to target valuable data on your infrastructure. In order to help prevent or identify a breach, early detection is one of the three main ATP solutions. An extensive network of global threat intelligence should be accessible to organisations using effective threat detection tools, enabling them to respond to threats in real-time and offer context for attacks.

Advanced Threat Protection - Hacker's Security

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